~Monumental Towns

The Merindades and the north of Burgos Spain have really attractive towns, they have known how to conserve the artistic heritage during the history and they attest to a past linked to the origins of the Castilla Area. Medina de Pomar, Villarcayo, Espinosa de los Monteros, Frías, Villasana de Mena, Oña, Briviesca y Poza de la Sal are the best examples.


The historic relevance of the Merindades area is reflected in the large number of artistic interest constructions which are conserved and are included in the civil, religions or defence architecture. We can find prehistory remains like dolmens, Los Altos and the Valle of Sedano, fort and Celtic cemetery, roman remains like the base of the Tedeja´s Castle, Visigothic remains at Saint Mary´s Church of Mijangos, to get to the Middle Age, the most glorious historical age in the Merindades.

Here coexist constructions of roman art, with hermitages and necropolis or cemeteries excavated in limestone. Large numbers of hermitages and churches are sign of the glorious roman art throughout the area: Saint Peter of Tejada, The Almiñé, Saint Pantaleón of Losa, Butrera, Crespos, Saint Michel of Cornezuelo, Escaño, Tabliega, Saint Mary of Siones or Saint Lorenzo of Vallejo are some of the main ones.

There are less representations of the gothic style; most of the churches have the roman base with gothic parts. The Church of the Monastery of Saint Salvador of Oña, the Convent of Saint Clara of Medina the Pomar or the Colegiata of Sanit Mary of Valpuesta are remarkable samples.

The defensive architecture has its period of growth in the 14th and 15th centuries with the castles constructions ( Frías¨s Castle, Alcázar of teh Condestables) and longer number of defender towels (Valdenoceda, Quintana of Valdivielso Salazar, Espinosa, Quisicedo.)
During 16th and 17th centuries, when the political situation was calm, the noble and rich families built their principals houses and palaces: The Chiloeches´s palce, Torme, The Ribero and Salazar ´s house, Herrán, Nava, Medina de Pomar, Villasana de Mena.
Also is important to mention the popular architecture of the Merindades, where coexist their own elements with the ones from the typical bordering provinces (Cantabria, País Vasco) and also with others more refined.


Museum of Saint Johan's Tower (Oña)

Museum Etnographic (Montejo de San Miguel)
Museum of The Merindades´ History (Alcázar de los Condestables-Medina de Pomar)

~Archiecture Routs

  1. Ravine of The Horadada
  2. Aula Arqueológica de Sedano

The popular architecture of Salazar town is also very outstanding. We find, most of the time, remote houses with thick walls of masonry, smalls windows, and the “Solana” or wood balcony open and looking south at the top of the house; the house is square-built and generally with a 4 slopped roof. You go outside through a big door to get to a interior patio and a vegetable garden at the back.

In Salazar town conserves long number of blasones houses, the excellent buildings, in some ways built entirely with masonry, zaguanes and coats of arms.

An interesting religious building is the gothic Saint Stefan church (16th century) with a special Christ make from alabaster, Saint Bartolome´s Hermit, built later, with some reused elements, The Christ Hermit, restored, fit to the outside of the medieval convent with rest of the XIII century, with a lattice window that can be origin from Mozarabic Époque. At the same way, at the apse discover and restored some wonderful fresco paintings to the Honour of Mary Virgin from XVI century. Also is important to mention “The Crucero” or “Cross” in the middle of the town.

The Salazar towers are the most symbolic fortification house. The Building has two towers and a central area from the 16th and 17th century.
This tower was the Salazar´s family house with a leading role in the area’s history and in the development of Castile.
At the back of the house there is a beautiful renaissance gallery.

" La Ondina" Country House
C/Santa María s/n. Salazar (Burgos)

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